Roscigno is a town which has about 860 inhabitants, located in the National Park of Cilento Vallo di Diano and Alburni, in the province of Salerno and is now divided between Old Roscigno and New Roscigno.

In order to recover the ancient Casalicchio path, which connects Old Roscigno and New Roscigno, there are structural works taking place allowing access to citizens and tourists and the council is undertaking actions to promote tourism of the ancient path. The intervention strategy, which is in the project plan, in perfect congruence with the main theme and the guidelines of the P.I.R.A.P (Integrated Projects for Rural Protected Areas) is aimed at functional recovery, cultural elements and scenic landscape of a stretch of the old path registered at n. 518 from the paper trail of P.N.C.V.D of which Old Roscigno, joining to another part of the New Roscigno, leads to Monte Pruno (879m above sea level).  [Read more]

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(Italiano) 2-4 NOVEMBRE 2019
29 Oct

(Italiano) 2-4 NOVEMBRE 2019

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