The project

In order to recover the ancient Casalicchio path that connects Old Roscigno and New Roscigno, the realization of the project was expected in order to promote tourism of the itinerary through structural work allowing access to citizens and tourists.
The intervention strategy, which is in the project plan, in perfect congruence with the main theme and the guidelines of the P.I.R.A.P (Integrated Projects for Rural Protected Areas) is aimed at functional recovery, cultural elements and scenic landscape of a stretch of the old path registered at n. 518 from the paper trail of P.N.C.V.D of which Old Roscigno, joining to another part of the New Roscigno, leads to Monte Pruno (879m above sea level).



The intervention provides easier access to the trail through improved signage, information and accompanying outreach activities and to promote the area, through the creation of an Info Point located on the road that connects New Roscigno to Old Roscigno. This information network, accompanied by a PC workstation and multimedia kiosks containing all relevant information on the territory, will have the task of promoting the environmental, architectural and archaeological beauty in both municipal authorities and in the area.
The intervention is aimed at an overall improvement of landscape quality, fully guaranteeing the intrinsic and extrinsic quality in the area, despite the transformations. The prevailing use of natural products such as wood and stone guarantee a pleasant impact from an environmental point of view and that does not require visual mitigation works.
In order to realize the path, bioengineering criteria was adopted. There will be no cutting down of trees or deletions of riparian zones; profiles of the mountain ridges will never be changed. It will create a positive effect in so that it will accompany the path with sustainable urban planning perfectly set in the historical context – archaeological sites.


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