In the hill area of ​​Roscigno, almost two kilometers from the town, lies the archaeological site of Monte Pruno, with its peaks reaching 879 m a.s.l at the southwestern end of the Alburni mountains. With its varied natural configuration, thick forests, clearings, rocky outcrops, deep ravines and spring water, it overlooks the only crossing possible for communication between the Vallo di Diano and the coast; not surprisingly, the upper terrace retains the name of “balcony Alburni” and the broad vision that you have of the whole natural conformation of the mountains and the valley, largely justifies the effort to achieve it.
It is only from this “balcony” that you fully grasp the system of communication between the coast and the hinterland, and it remains well fixed in the memory of the impressive silhouette of the Alburni and the wide and majestic valley narrows into a smooth crossing opened at the foot of the chain range.
On the border with the town of Sacco it is worth visiting the beautiful natural site of the source of the river Sammaro. Descending into the gorge of the Sammaro is like entering into the bowels of the earth where, instead of fire, water flows clear and fresh that refines the limestone making it white and slippery. The show is sublime in its wild beauty, offering unique sensations.
The great environmental variety, which includes the Mediterranean scrub andthe pre-Alpine flora, allowing the survival of precious species like the wolf, peregrine falcons, golden eagles and rare trees such as white fir.